The rantings of APGA in Aba today is a misguided and ill-conceived aggression against a government that is  genuinely serving the people of Abia even under a very tight situation. The intentions of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu for the masses of Abia are very clear and these have been very well discerned and appreciated by the public.  This is evident in the sacrifice being  made  by  the Governor  to rehabilitate the badly dilapidated infrastructure of the commercial city of Aba. This effort is being applauded by all and sundry except the few infinitesimal  group that call themselves APGA.

The demolition of illegal shops, kiosk, fences and buildings that encroach into the service lane and on the roads is being carried out only on the roads where the construction work is going on. The notice to this  effect was dully served to the public. As far as the government of Abia State is concerned, any structure that contravenes the town planning regulation as regards the appropriate location of buildings and structures is an illegal structure and such buildings must be pulled down by the time the caterpillar gets to the point.

So far, the effort of the Governor in rebuilding Aba has received widespread endorsement and commendation from residents and visitors alike. People come out to cheer and rejoice as the illegal structures fall to the caterpillars. They are happy that a Daniel has come to judgment, that Aba will be better again.

There is no selective pattern in the demolition exercise. Nobody is being spared but the contractors on site might exercise their discretion to delay demolition for technical purposes or to allow time  for  people to evacuate their properties. But, at the end, the structures will still be demolished. What the government is seeking is the greatest good for the greatest number.

The Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, does not see any illegal structure built on top of a drainage line or on the service lane as a property. He sees it and treats it in the same manner that a farmer sees and treats  weeds that grow in the garden.

Having lost out on all fronts and with the imminent  disaster that awaits it in the tribunal, APGA is just clutching on any available straw to stay afloat. Their Press Conference this morning in Aba   is one of such distractions that it creates to attract attention. But, the doomsday is just around the corner.


Godwin Adindu

Chief Press Secretary to the Governor