Riding Cancer Out of our Society One State at a Time…Pink Pearl Cyclists take on Abia

In her nature of giving back to the community, the Pink Pearl Foundation train headed to the eastern part of Nigeria – Abia State. In conjunction with the First Lady of Abia State, Her Excellency, Chief Lady Mrs. Mercy Odochi Orji, the foundation created awareness as well as free lecture and screening on Breast and Cervical Cancer to the women of Abia state. The two day event themed “PINK RIDE”, took place on the 3rd & 4th of May 2013.
In the absence of the Her Excellency, the First Lady of Abia State, the wife of the Deputy Governor, Mrs. Nene Ananaba was present to flag off the event. To show their dedication towards the fight against cancer, and to create awareness about Breast and Cervical Cancer, the Pink Pearl cyclists rode round the Umuahia city, women were told about the free lecture and screening happening in their city and how the lecture was to enlighten and empower them, the cyclists went all the way from the city to the state university to show the women their dedication to the campaign against breast and cervical cancer, handbills with the Breast Self-Examination (BSE) process were handed out during the cycling ride; the market women rallied round to get one and thanked the cyclists for the information being given to them.
Day two of the event held at the Okpara auditorium, women rushed in numbers to get screened and taught on the stages and dangers of breast and cervical cancer; the Pink Pearl team was led by the Senior Partner of the foundation, Mr. Onye Ubanatu, volunteer doctors and nurses; Dr. Uche Okwe, Dr. Ofukwe Ngozi, Dr. Agbeyeke Ewere, Mrs. Usenu and Mrs. Emina.
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The event kicked off with the speech from the Senior Partner, thanking the women of Abia state for attending the event, he also made them understand that they “have taken the right option by choosing to get screened because the first step to the cure is early detection”, he thanked the Wife of the Deputy Governor for choosing to attend and represent Her Excellency the First Lady of Abia state, in return she thanked the Pink Pearl Foundation for coming to empower and enlighten the women of Abia state, she stated that “the opportunity to get free lecture/screening in this present economy is very rare and that the women should cherish what they are being given”.
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The lecture was given by Dr. Uche Okwe, in which she explained to the women the stages and dangers of breast and cervical cancer and how early detection is key, she cited the need for women to go for regular mammography checkups, she also emphasized the need to learn the Breast Self-Examination (BSE) properly, after the lecture, the women were given time to ask questions as to which they were adequately answered. The women were then screened and counseled. A total of 107 women registered to be screened and 18 of these were either found with lump in their breast or cervical lesions.
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The closing statements were given by Mr. Onye Ubanatu, he thanked the women for coming and also urged them to spread the word, explaining to them that it’s a collective fight towards the eradication of Breast and Cervical Cancer, the women in return thanked the team for the unique opportunity they have been given and also thanked the doctors immensely for their help.
IMG_6501 Middle - Wife of the Deputy Governor, Mrs. Nene Ananaba PPF's Onye Ubanatu handing out certificates
Since its emergence in 2007, Pink Pearl Foundation has shown its dedication, determination, and assertiveness in eradicating Breast and Cervical Cancer in Nigeria; creating awareness in every state in the country and launching over 40 programs to support the cause against Breast and Cervical Cancer. Again Pink Pearl has shown their drive and determination towards this cause.
Question and answer session on breast cancerSensitizing the communitythe bikers handing out campaign leafletsThe screening Room