The attention of the Abia State Government has been drawn to reports in the media over an alleged rape of a girl by a gang of rapists at a location purported to be within the premises of the State University, Uturu. The yet-to-be identified rapists were alleged to have recorded the obscene act after which the video clips started circulating among students within and beyond the University community.
As a responsive and responsible government with zero tolerance of such immoral act, the State government directed the authorities of the State University as well as security agencies to investigate the matter with a mandate that, if truly, such bestiality took place on the campus of the University, to bring the culprits to book.
The university authorities after a thorough investigations found out that the alleged incident never took place within the university community. The institution’s position was made public through its Press Release of September 10, 2011, alongside a similar Statement from the Students Union Government of the University dated September 7, 2011.
The findings of the University authorities were further corroborated by the report of the investigations conducted by the Police, which also showed that the unfortunate incident did not take place in the state.
The Abia State government not known to be playing the ostrich over very sensitive and serious issue like the above-mentioned is in sincere sympathy with the innocent victim of this abuse, not withstanding the fact that the actual location where the abuse allegedly took place is yet to be ascertained.
The State Government is not unaware of the global campaign against acts of violence against women especially sexual abuses as well as the concern this incident has elicited since the clips of this human debasement began to circulate. It is against this backdrop that the State government is still poised to get to the root and source of the video clips in question with a view to bringing the alleged culprits to justice.
Consequently the State government has directed the security agencies to further extend their dragnet in the course of unravelling this incident.
It is also in view of this avowed determination that the Abia State Government is equally making a compassionate appeal to the parents and relatives of the obviously traumatised victim of this barbaric act to encourage her to come to the Police authorities and other security agencies with information that could assist in apprehending these culprits.
Also members of the public who have any useful information that would lead to the arrest of the gangsters are enjoined to avail same to the security agencies to assist in our collaborative efforts to rid our society of unscrupulous elements since our children are not safe with such deranged elements on the loose and no one knows their next victim.
Kingsley Emereuwa
Special Adviser to the Governor on Special Duties