Abia Governor will be the first “Common” Governor in Nigeria…Godwin Adindu

The governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, will be the first common and ordinary governor in the history of Nigeria and will be the quintessential servant leader, so said Godwin Adindu, Chief Press Secretary to the governor.
Adindu said Governor Ikpeazu is set to cause a revolution in Nigeria as far as the person and the office of the governor is concerned as he will demystify the office and the person of the governor and remove all the ceremonies and chivalries that disconnect the leader from the people. “He is the common governor for the common man. He emerged from the people and will remain with the people,” declared Adindu.
Adindu affirmed that Governor Ikpeazu will remove all the mystique and simulations that have become customary with the office in Nigeria and make the person of the governor appear like a transcendental being and will also drop all the frivolities and trivialities that distract the leader from the major call, like chieftaincy titles, unnecessary awards and social recognition. “He will remain available, approachable and accessible,” Adindu reaffirmed.
Adindu disclosed that Ikpeazu’s main thrust and mission in government are with work, service and performance and that his reputation will derive from his capacity in achieving these values. “He is not going to be a media creation. His personality in governance will be created by the three values of work, service and performance and these will be the parameter for evaluating him at the end of the day.
Adindu also noted that as a delegate cannot delegate, Dr. Ikpeazu as the delegate of the people will not delegate his duties and responsibilities but will personally take charge and supervise all projects, direct all commissions and oversee all works to ensure that things are done to his utmost satisfaction and for the general good of the people.
Godwin Adindu
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor