The State Government has considered submissions of various interests in respect of the STATE CARNIVAL 2013 billed to hold between 13th & 14th of Dec. 2013. It is obvious that variations of factors, mostly akin to exigencies of government business would favor a shift in the date of the CARNIVAL to a period in 2014 that would be announced later.
The State Government is humbled by the outpourings of genuine commitment to partnership by individuals and corporate organizations within the short period the strategic planning was in place. The Government is particularly inspired by the donations made by our Private Partners and wishes to state in clear terms that the funds would still be used judiciously for the purpose of the CARNIVAL to be organized at a later date.
While the State Government regrets all inconveniences this shift in date may cause our various partners and friends, we wish to assure that the proposed ABIA CARNIVAL to be held in 2014 would leave to the original identity of a unique and comprehensively organized Carnival.
Cosmos Ndukwe
Chief of Staff to the Executive Governor/Chairman, Strategic Planning Committee

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