New SSG Appointed – Prof. Nkpa A. Nkpa

A new SSG has been appointed in the person of PROF. NKPA A. NKPA.
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen!
A new Secretary to the State Government (SSG) was appointed last week, in the person of PROF. NKPA A. NKPA.
Our nomination and the swearing-in of Prof Nkpa, as our SSG, signals our commitment and determination to move away from the past, and begin to put round pegs in round holes. It is based on our strong realization that, ‘every Government is just as good as the key officers that compose it’.
As your Governor, I cannot do everything alone on my own. I need strong and talented lieutenants to assist me perform and deliver on the promises I have made to Abians.
Prof Nkpa was nominated as our SSG, based on his past records, on merit and on his known experience as a performer. These criteria will strictly guide our Administration in the making of other appointments, and to the over-all benefit of all Abians.
Prof. Nkpa is coming to this Administration with very strong credentials. He is not a total stranger in the corridors of Governments in Abia State, having once served as the Commissioner for Education. He is reputed as an erudite scholar of Education, a great teacher, an accomplished Administrator of men and materials, and as a man of very compelling mission and action.
Prof Nkpa is a holder of a Ph.D degree in Education Curriculum Studies, and served as a founding member and Dean of the Abia State University, Faculty of Education. He also served the University in different categories as the First Coordinator of the School of Education, as a Deputy Vice Chancellor and as the immediate past Vice Chancellor of the University.
In all his assignments, it is on record that Prof Nkpa discharged himself as a hard working, visionary, and committed achiever. For these, he merits our consideration, and I have no doubts that he will bring all his good qualities to bear in his new office as Secretary to our State Government.
The role of the SSG in any Government is that of the Head of the Government think-tank. The SSG is a vital player and a major participant in the formulation and implementation of Government’s policies and programs. And by his education, administrative experience, and exposures in life, Prof Nkpa is amply qualified to discharge creditably, the duties of any SSG.
I therefore welcome him with open hands, and hope that he will not only perform well, but in the process, assist the State in the building and encouraging of core and equally competent deputies to serve the State in various capacities.
As I have always noted, our Government is in a hurry to take on the challenges of developing Abia State. As we make haste to complete the remaining appointments of various officers of our Government, I ask the SSG to hit the ground running, as he begins the addressing of relevant State affairs.
I wish Prof Nkpa God’s wisdom and the very best in this new assignment. I also expect him to serve with humility and to succeed beyond all our imaginations.