Mineral Resources

Abia State is blessed with enormous mineral resources. The proper exploitation of these minerals has obvious economic and development implications. The types, location and potential uses of these minerals are shown below;

S/N Minerals Sources of Raw Materials Utilization (or Potential uses )
1 Crude Oil Oilfields at Imo River ,Obuzo, OwazaNgboko, Nkali, Odogkwa, Obeakpu and Isimiri Export, refined products petro-Chemicals
2 Natural Gas Ohuru Gas Fields in Ukwa East LGA.
3 Tar Sands/ Oilshales Ugwueme-Lokpanta axis in Nneochi LGA Asphalt, tar, Refined products
4 Lead,Zinc, Copper Lokpaukwu (Nneochi LGA) Metal extraction of lead, Zinc copper
5 Phospate (traces) Amaeke in Umuahia and Ewe in Arochukwu LGA Fertiliser Detergent and other chemical industries
6 Gypsum Lokpaukwu (Nneochi) Cement manufacturers ,pharmaceticals chalk plaster of paris
7 Limestone Ewe- Arochukwu LGA southwestern part of Isuikwuato LGA Cement , Glass, Water treatment, sugar Refining Iron and Steel ,Construction Agriculture fertiliser, etc
8 Iron Ore Around the Northern part of Isuikwuato LGA Iron and Steel
9 Kaolin Umuahia, Ikwuano LGA and northwestern sector of Isuikwuato LGA Paints, detergent, steel glass ceramics etc
10 Industrial sands Ukwa, Aba , Umuahia Glass , Foundry, Ceramics , abrasives
11 Igneous rocks Uturu LokpantaLekwesi Aggregate for road and building construction
12 Laterite All LGAs for surfacing roads

Agriculture is the major occupation of the people of Abia State. This is induced by the rich soil, which stretches from the northern to the southern parts of the state. Subsistence farming is prevalent and about 70 per cent of the population is engaged in it.
A few farmers also produce on a large scale. Farming in the state is determined by the seasonal distribution of rainfall. Some farmers now use irrigation methods. The main food crops grown are yam, cassava, rice, cocoyam and maize while the cash crops include oil-palm, rubber, cocoa, banana and various types of fruits (See Table 1.3)
Modern poultry has been introduced and is practised by a good number of people, hence there is adequate supply of eggs and other poultry prod- ucts in the state. The Golden Chicken project at Ogwe in Ukwa Local Government Area is a modern mechanised poultry farm.
There are three agricultural zones in Abia State: Aba, Umuahia and Bende. In the Aba and Umuahia agricultural zones, such cash crops as palm pro- duce, cocoa and rubber are produced, while food crops such as yam, cassava, rice, plantain, banana, maize and cocoyam are produced in large quantities.
The Bende agricultural zone is a major pro- ducer of rice and yam. Fishing is also carried out by people who live along the Imo River. Large areas of forest can be found in all the Local Government Areas. They provide raw materials for the pulp and paper industry.