Law makers explain gains of multi-door court house

Press Release
Members of the Abia State House of Assembly have been stressing the need for the Multi-Door-Court House Bill, HAB 5, 2011 to be passed into law without much delay.
Reacting to the presentation of the bill in its second reading by the sponsor, Hon. Chidiebere Nwoke, and many legislators put up frantic efforts to explain what the Bill was all about and the various gains that were realizable when the Multi-Door-Court House legal system comes into operation.
Among the law makers who reacted were the Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon. Alwell Asiforo Okere, Deputy Leader, Hon. Chief P.C. Onyegbu, Hon Barrister Martins Azubuike, and Hon. Bar. Ikedi Ezekwesiri, Hon. Chukwudi John Ogele, Hon. Chidi Nwosu and others.
In his own reaction, the deputy speaker stated that Abia State stood to benefit financially when that system of conflict resolution was put in place because there already were some foreign Donor Agencies interested in the Bill and were only awaiting its commencement to bring in their resources. He therefore called for accelerated consideration and passage
of the Bill.
Defending the Bill, the sponsor and leader of the House, Bar. Chidiebere Nwoke had told his colleagues that apart from the fact that Abia State was about the only state in Nigeria where the multi-Door-Court system has become operational, the system provides a “Win-win” situation in conflicts between parties.
Hon. Nwoke, Br. Martins Azubuike and Hon. Chief P.C. Onyegbu explained that the system aims at achieving a balance between the two parties in a dispute to settle out of court. It is also an alternative dispute resolution method which at the same time affords many people in conflict situations to participate in resolving their disputes.
In their own submissions. Bar. Ikedi Ezekwesiri, Hon. Chukwu John Ogele and Hon. Chidi Nwosu said the system, when it becomes operational, would help to decongest the already much congested prisons. It is cost effective as it would reduce cost of litigation.
They further argued that the system would reduce bitterness, bickering and acrimony among members, in any dispute and urged their colleagues to give the Bill an accelerated consideration and passage.
By: Igu Omai Igu.