I'm not Governor of Ukwa/Ngwa, but Governor of Abia State, Ikpeazu tells Abia South

Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, has called on the people of
Ukwa/Ngwa to be fair minded in their demands on him as the Governor
and consider people from other parts of the state.
Governor Ikpeazu said this yesterday during the concluding phase of
the ongoing Abia State town hall meeting in Abia South.
Governor Ikpeazu who hails from Ukwa/Ngwa axis of the state, that
didn’t produce the governor of the state until 2015 when Dr. Ikpeazu
emerged as the 4th democratically elected governor of the state, also
assured the people that everything due to them will be given to them.
Speaking at the Obehie venue of the meeting, Governor Ikpeazu said:
“I’m here to fulfill the promise I made to you during the campaigns. I
promised that I will always return to you as the owners of the mandate
I’m holding in trust, to report to you on what we’ve done, what we are
doing and what we want to do.
“I’m not your ruler, but your Servant. Therefore, I’m here to tell you
what we’ve done in the first one year of our government and what we
plan to do in the next one year, or our second year of our four years
tenure. I will also give you the opportunity to ask me questions, and
I will answer all your questions here, that’s why we are here in this
town hall meeting.
“I will not lie to you because I don’t have any reason to do so. You
elected me as your Governor to tell you the truth always, and not to
lie to you.
“All I am asking from you is your continuos prayers. Be rest assured
that Abia is in God’s safe hands.” The Governor said.
Speaking on the plans of his administration to develop the state:
Governor Ikpeazu said: “My dear brothers and sisters from Ukwa/Ngwa,
it is true that I am one of you, it is also true that we’ve not been
governor until now, but I am the Governor of Abia State, and not just
the Governor of Ukwa/Ngwa people.
“So when I want to take decisions about our state, I will think of
Abia as a state and not Abia South or Ukwa/Ngwa. This is one truth
that I must tell you.
“I know where I come from, and our brothers and sisters from Old Bende
know that I come from somewhere. We must be fair to every Abian and
visitors in our land.
“Another truth I must tell our young people is; we are serious about
our plans to develop our land. Very soon multinational companies will
be coming to you asking you to sale your lands to them, please do not
sale your lands, but go into partnership with investors coming into
your area.
“Let your land be your own contribution to any business that is coming
to your area, so that you will not only benefit from the business, but
your children and generations unborn will also be shareholders and
benefit from the business. Please let us stop selling our lands. Our
tomorrow will be better and we must plan for that tomorrow now. Never
again will we be slaves in our land. This is one truth I must tell
you, as one of you.”
The Governor also emphasized his call on the people to begin to think
of going into agriculture, as it is the way to go all over the world,
for economic survival.
Speaking, the former Commissioner of Information, Chief Ralph Egbu,
commended the Governor for initiating the idea of the town hall
meeting and also making out time to attend, stressing that the town
hall meeting has given the Governor the opportunity to see, feel and
hear from those that voted him into office.
“This is the first we have a Governor in a town hall meeting where he
sees, feel and hear from the people that voted him to be their
governor. I must commend you for that, and also ask that you ensure
that all that have been said here is attended to.” Egbu said.