Governor T.A Orji launches the New Abia State Geographic Information System (AbiaGIS)

Earlier today, The Abia State Geographic Information System (ABIAGIS) was launched by HE T.A Orji for Public use.
Abia GIS is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the Abia State Government and the Cyrux Global limited, with investment funds provided by Platinum Mortgage Bank. The PPP contract was signed on the 26thSeptember 2014. The key aims of the Abia State Geographic Information System (ABIAGIS):
·         Enhancing Internally Generated Revenue (IGR)
·         Improving Service Delivery to Citizens
·         Accelerated Infrastructural Development
·         Stimulated Economic Activities
·         Increase Investor Confidence
In order to achieve these aims the project will deliver the following components:
·         Establishment of ABIAGIS as a computerized Geospatial Data Infrastructure and a commercial – oriented revenue generating agency under the Abia State Ministry of Lands and Survey (MLS)
·         Computerization, Digitization and Integration of Cadastral survey records and processes
·         Computerization, Digitization and Integration of Land Registration and Administration records and processes
·         Computerization and Modernization of the operational work flows of MLS’s Departments and Agencies including: (i) Cadastral survey; (ii) Deeds Registration; (iii) Planning and Development Control; (iv) Land use Planning, allocation and administration; (v) Revenue collection and management.
·         Implementation of programmes for accelerated revenue generation and standardization of cadastral/land Registration databases, including (i) Recertification and Re-issuance of Certificate of Occupancy ( CofO); (ii) Regularization and Revalidation of Lands Titles; (iii) Registration of new land Titles; (iv) Property Enumeration and Registration; (v) Tenancy Registration; (vi) Land use Inspection.
·         Development of a commercial – oriented “ one- stop- shop” customer service centre for enhanced service delivery to investors, citizens and other agencies of the Abia state Government.
·         Extending the capabilities of the ABIAGIS system to support other critical sectors and MDAS, including agriculture , environment, transportation, works, housing, mineral resources, water resources, utilities, health and education, among others.
·         Implementation of a comprehensive training, capacity building and knowledge transfer programme for local ABIAGIS personnel to gurantee sustainable employment generation and facilitate the take-over of ABIAGIS system and operations from the ABIAGIS project team at the  completion of the ABIAGIS PPP Project.
·         Development of a legal and institutional framework that includes passage of a legislative Bill to provide for the establishment and operations of ABIAGIS, in order to guarantee a predictable, secure land and property market in Abia State.
Reference: Hon. Commisioner for Lands, Abia State