Governor Okezie Ikpeazu was in his elements today as he interacted with the World Bank Executives.

He has full personal grasp of all the World Bank Projects in the State and discussed them with ease and an incredible flow.
He has all the minutest details and offered explanations where necessary.
One thing that struck me was that the Governor took personal blames for one particular area where we had gaps in our implementation, even when it was clearly a failure on the part of the officers in charge. He accepted the failings and promised to implement sweeping changes at once as soon as we get home.
What impressed me most was the fluidity of his delivery and the depth of his understanding of the projects.
The guys at the World Bank saw a man who understands what it means to work with international development partners. They were clearly impressed. They couldn’t hide their admiration.
Today, more than most days, I felt deeply proud of this man, Okezie Ikpeazu, PhD.
Brilliance has a way of setting you apart from the crowd.
Trust me.

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