Governor Okezie Ikpeazu endorses Njiko Carnival

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu endorses Njiko Carnival…
Describes the idea as a unique way of unifying and promoting the Igbo identity through culture. According to him, Abia will participate and Aba entrepreneurial assets will be showcased alongside the Abia culture and heritage.
In his words, “Culture is the unique thing among people. For us in Igboland, it’s time for us to rediscover us, we cannot wait for externals to showcase our culture for us. It’s time to make strong statement about our values and identity. We will like to drive enterprise through culture, therefore we support Njiko Carnival”.

Charley Boy Oputa, Chief Okigbo and Barr Ben Chukwu are notable promoters of the Njiko Carnival, to be held in December at the lake city of Oguta in Imo State.