Gov.TA Orji has waded into the face off between the Director General of SEC and House Committee on Stock Market

Abia State Governor Chief Theodore Orji has waded into the face-off
between the Director General Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Aruma Oteh and the House Committee on stock market.
In a statement by the Chief Press Secretary Ugochukwu Emezue, Gov.
Orji called on both parties to embrace peace as he insisted that their
differences can be reconciled. Having watched with studied silence the
development which seems to have created some verbal exchange between
the committee and the DG who is an Abian, its time to intervene Chief
Orji added.
The Governor argued that if the DG stock exchange had made any
offensive statement during the unfolding melodrama, it was as a result
of the way the Commitee Chairman handled the issues at stake. For the
Governor, the idea of passing a judgement on the DG, saying that she
is incompetent and the serious attack on her proven integrity by the
Chairman of the committee, is quite uncalled for.
The Governor insisted that only a court of competent jurisdiction has
the constitutional power to pass judgement on any individual.
Speaking further, Chief Orji maintained that Arumah Otteh was not the
Director General when the stock crashed. He however appealed to both
parties to tread the path of caution, since the stock market fortunes
have already nosedived. Chief Orji assured that he will prevail on
Arumah Otteh to apologise, if she has either by omission or commission
done anything that has brought the National Assembly to ridicule.
Ugochukwu Emezue
Chief Press Secretary