The Abia State Government places priority on education. It runs over 800 primary schools, 160 secondary schools, one teacher training college and five technical colleges. There is also a College of Education (Technical) at Arochukwu.
Other higher institutions in the state are the Abia State University at Uturu in lsuikwuato LGA, and the Abia State Polytechnic at Aba. In addition, the government provides a staff training school at Urnunnato in Bende LGA. A Federal University of Agriculture at Umudike, lkwuano LGA, by the Federal Government. Other educational institutions include Schools of Nursing and Midwifery in Abiriba, Aba and Umuahia. Also a world class agricultural research institute at Umudike (NRCRI)
A School of Midwifery is attached to the Methodist Hospital, Amachara, while the School of Health Technology at Aba trains various categories of health staff (i.e. health superintendents, rural health superintendents, community midwives, health assistants and community health assistants). A School of Psychiatric Nursing is located in Mgboko (Obingwa LGA).
A Youth Opportunity Centre at Umueleghele in Isiala Ngwa LGA has been established to enable school drop-outs and unemployed youths acquire vocational skills. Vocational training for the disabled is provided by the Marist Brother’s Hopeville Rehabilitation Complex at Uturu and Umuahia.
Facilities there include workshops for making shoes, wheels and prostheses. Health Care Delivery: The Abia State Ministry of Health, through the Health Management Board, is responsible for Healthcare.
The healthcare system comprises twelve general hospitals, two specialist hospitals, two modern diagnostic centres (located in Aba and Umuahia) one psychiatric hospital, two dental centers two schools of nursing, three schools of midwifery, one school of psychiatry, one school of health technology, sixty-three health centres, fifteen maternities, thirty-two dispensaries, six sub-dispensaries, four destitute homes, one remand home and three homes for the care of the handicapped.