Driving our commitments in 2014 by T.A. Orji

Like other years, 2013 has inevitably emptied into the stockpiles of history. For some, it will always evoke a feeling of accomplishment while for others; it is stacked with sad and unfortunate memories they may not wish recall. The realty of life is that God has designed it to function as “different strokes for different folks” Let me reiterate my felicitations to our holidaymakers, majority of who have since returned to base. I have never hidden my excitement for the commemorative yuletide season, given the occasion it freely provides for us to exchange banters and pleasantries with our kits and kin living within and in the Diaspora, who during such season retire to their ancestral roots to participate and consummate the flurry of joy associated with the season.
The yuletide as recently and globally consummated, also helps to facilitate and illuminate the unquantifiable affection of God for mankind, which compassionately gave rise to the royal birth of his son for the salvation of our strayed souls.
God intended that His affection and compassion should be contagious, so we could have a global environment harmoniously ruled by love, unity and honesty.
Each time we lose sight of these essentialities; we are confined to a reckless race for self-satisfaction and other unwholesome indulgencies. But more importantly, the outstanding effect of our saviour’s deep-seated love and compassion had often resonated in the administration of our stewardship.
Consequently, the current breath of fresh air in Abia State is a healthy fallout of the clannish sense of belonging carefully and thoughtfully instituted amongst our people. Life and the aggregation of what it portends, has taught us that we can only be remembered by the legacies we leave behind and the gloomy faces we were able to brighten up.
The beginning of another year has made it essentially needful to re-emphasize our avowal in driving our commitment for the continuous good of Abians and humanity in general. The first critical importance of triumphing over political alienation & disenchantment hitherto prevalent in the State ushered the veritable platform for the flourishing of other blue- prints.  The Abia project is a participatory endeavour where strategic ideas necessary for the stimulation of our socio-economic growth have been lavishly encouraged.
The atmosphere of peace and tranquility prevalent in Abia has enabled Government not to renege in maintaining the tempo of development as typified by the scores of activities taking place in the infrastructural drive of the state.
My personal and emotive debt of gratitude is through this medium gladly conveyed to all dear brothers and sisters who during the holidays ventured on a tourist appreciation of the practical indications of our loyal stewardship located here and there. Not a few of them graciously got back to us, acknowledging and identifying with the remarkable difference in the face of Abia proudly championed by the structural revolution going on in Umuahia and other geo-political entities of the State.
The Ubani Market movement was not wishful thinking given what has become of the old Umuahia Market. Having completed the evacuation of the old market site, Government will make provision for the construction of state of the art recreation garden to enhance the aesthetic beauty of Umuahia the State Capital.
The new Market Complex, which presently boasts of over 10,000 shops and still counting, is carefully and futuristically located in a very conducive environment, hugely spacious enough to accommodate over 2000 cars and modern parks for conveyance of goods and services.
Contrary to what obtained at the old market site, the new Market Complex is equipped with a functional Fire Service Station capable of rising to any occasion. The security radar, tightly securing the state has been extended to the market, through the presence of modern Police Station to adequately deal with all security matters arising from the market. New and old roads, leading to the market are being constructed and expanded.
The foreseeable long run effect will lead to increase in access roads in the Capital territory. The inevitable relocation of Umuahia Market to Ubani neighborhood yielded the expected result of decongesting the hitherto clustered and chaotic Isi-gate and Okpara Square. Government will hopefully replicate same in Aba through the on-going construction of Aba Mega-Shopping Malls being powered in synergy with private investors. Government is not unmindful of the glaring reality that Ariaria International Market cannot be stretched beyond its present limit hence the vitality of expansion and modernity. Our health care sector which was at its lowest before the advent of our divine administration has been re-engineered to produce eye wondering and ear tingling milestones. To us the Specialist Hospital situated in Umuahia and Aba and recently equipped with sophisticated dialysis facilities is no longer news. What has become the new craze is the on-going and ambitious 100 bed Specialist Hospitals located in nine Local Government Areas of the State and due to be celebrated soonest, and the current installation of a modern eye center to take care of all eye ailments.
Our commitment in 2014 will be driven to establish new grounds and inaugurate projects which foundations were flagged off few seasons ago. This will include the prestigious International Conference Center built to accommodate over 5,000 guests in one seating and for which tastefully furnished hotels sprouting here and there are waiting in the wings to partake in its exhilarating flurry of local and international activities.
Also, to be inaugurated, will include the (ICT) compliant e-library well located for enhancement of learning. The gigantic and imposing twin workers secretariat also to be inaugurated will undoubtedly free us from the nightmare and unacceptable lay back of operating from old and antiquated classroom blocks and engender the requisite motivation critical for effective work delivery in our civil service system.
The classical new government house will be delivered to the good people of Abia state and deservedly free our state from the retrogressive past of operating from a rented apartment.
The prestigious High court complex in Umuahia and Aba, which has become a tourist attraction of some sort, will also be delivered to the good people of Abia State in 2014.
Every opportunity to interact with our people, calls to mind our commitment to uphold the virtues of equity, justice and fair play, which our founding fathers bequeathed the state and we shall not renege in flying that flag.
T. A. Orji.  Governor of Abia State wrote in from Umuahia