Dr John Ahukanna on Monkey pox epidemic……

Monkey pox is a viral infection similar to chicken pox and smallpox but is milder than the others. It starts with fever rashes appear about 3 days later starting from the face and spread to limbs.
It is a zoonotic disease which is transmitted from animals such as monkeys and som rodents. Human to human infection though uncommon can occur through respiratory droplets.
Hmans are infected on consumption of infected animals
The disease occurred first in 1970 in Zaire and this epidemic in Nigeria started in Bayelsa state and cases have been seen in Rivers and Akwa Ibom state.
No fatality has been recorded and those affected are responding well to care.
There is neither curative drug nor preventive vaccine at present and people must refrain from consumption of bush animals or coming into close contact with them.
The disease may resemble chickenpox, scabies or even drug rash. Bring all suspected cases to the attention of health workers nearest to you.
-Dr John Ahu