Abia trains 5,000 examiners, supervisors, invigilators and monitoring officers on best practices

Abia State Ministry of Education, in collaboration with Exam Ethics Marshal International, has trained more than 5,000 examiners, supervisors, invigilators and monitoring officers on best practises in the conduct and administration of examinations.260212F4.Theodore-Orji.jpg - 260212F4.Theodore-Orji.jpg
The training was organised to support Federal Government’s initiatives aimed at transforming the sector and to address the problem of examination malpractices in the country.
Addressing the participants, the state Governor, Theodore Orji, noted that the country’s education sector was losing its role of producing change agents for the transformation of opportunities and potentials into development realities as a result of moral decadence in the society.
“We are taking action to ensure that Abia takes its rightful place as one of the best exam ethics states in Nigeria, as practical steps towards addressing the challenge of the weakening moral foundation of education.”
To address the declining moral values, he said the government had announced the policy of zero examination malpractice in the state’s education system, as well as the implementation of the Exam Ethics Marshals Project and the mandatory professional continuing education for examination administrators.
Commissioner for Education, Dr. Monica Phillips, who described examination malpractice as a thorn in the flesh, said “it has jeopardized the purpose and desire of most parents and the nation at large.”
She said the training and raising an army of morally sound examiners and other stakeholders would ensure that the efforts and investments of the state governor in education produce the required results.
Phillips pointed out that having embraced the best practices in education, Abia is already reaping good results, saying that three students from the state won the NNPC national science quiz competition. According to her, the performance of the state’s education sector “has given us more reason to insist that Abia State remains an examination malpractice-free state.”
Chairman of Exam Ethics Marshal International, Dr. Ike Onyechere, said the organisation, which was established to campaign for a return to the moral and ethical foundation of education, is determined to change the country’s education system for the better.
Without the moral and ethical foundation, he said education would become a worthless venture and urged well-meaning Nigerians to join the crusade to save the country from the evils of examination malpractice
Culled from Thisday News online