Abia state to use Direct Labour Initiative to curb gully erosion

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sOguduasa Road
The Abia state government is currently pursuing a Direct Labour Initiative to checkmate an encroachment of erosion to other parts of Oguduasa, Isikwuato local government area.
Gully erosion has wantonly destroyed lives and property in some parts of the eastern region of Nigeria
The state government is applying two strategies, which are covering parts of the susceptible areas with cement and planting of trees.
Abia state Commissioner for Environment, Solomon Ogunji, said a proper follow up would have saved the collapsed road if the federal government had began the work .
Ogunji blamed contractors that have worked on the road Oguduasa Road of not synchronising with his ministry on the terms of their contracts, extent of completion and agreement with the federal government. He said this has made it difficult for the ministry to assess the level of job done on the road.

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