Abia State Investment Traffic II by Iyke Ogbonnaya

My Projections and imaginations did not accommodate the immediacy of revisiting the concept captured above, until I suddenly realized that the Government of Abia State had actually done more than I mustered the courage to publicly appraise.

The Security Vista in the state courageously championed by the Governor is evidently a fall out of the on-going investment mileage aside the now arrested energy decimal known to have retrogressed genuine intentions of Commerce driven Abians and their investing allies.
Preponderance of opinions seem not to have abated in up-holding this position, especially with what has become the sorry state of some Northern parts of the Country after each wicked and irresponsible onslaught of Boko-Haram. This understanding and timely intervention of the Governor arrested the attention of National and Cross-Continental bodies who throng the state to identify and tap from what has become from the Governor’s Security Joker.
The Governor recently bowed to pressure and became a quest lecturer at Security watch Africa, which held at the Prestigious La-palm Royal Beach Hotel Ghana.
Graced by Galaxy of Very distinguished personalities, the Governor’s Presentation was intellectually captivating that Ghana’s Security Adviser requested for cross-fertilization of ideas as often as time permits. The strategic importance of sustaining this vista is what has actually tickled my fancy and I’m sure a good number of Abians are oblivious of the eye popping millions Abia State Government is parting with to ensure the state remains in the security radar.
I will graciously spare us those details so as to exhaustively capture the subject of this endeavor. Imoni-Yame Holdings Limited has caught the investment fever in Abia State. Their resilience and track record has meritoriously earned them government green light to display their ware in the State investment market. Abia is hoping to tap from their wealth of corporate and professional experience in the management of Abia State Rubber Plantation known to have been a victim of Public Sector Laissez-faire attitude. All things been equal, the massive stretch of lush green rubber plantation adorning the length and breath of Abam in Arochukwu Local Government Area will be optimally utilized for the economic well being of the State and de-population of the state jobless market.
On another exhilarating note, love Frequency Modulated Station founded on the stable of Multimesh Broadcasting Company Limited is currently stimulating competition and creation of ideas, in the Communication Air Waves of Abia State. Powered by the Ohuabunwa’s, the berthing of the digitalized station currently operating in Port-Harcourt Rivers State with a cable television outfit, will emphatically re-define radio and television Programming in Abia State.
The state, under Chief T.A. Orji is upping the construction of Modern Markets. This seems to have given rise to the Memorandum of Understanding Signed between the state government and Sharp-points Nigeria Limited. Part of the details is that Sharp-points will command the development of Ukwa International Market to decongest Aba and spread activities towards Ukwa Geo-political enclave.
The same desire for expansion is driving the official endorsement extended to Renaissance Construction for the opening of Mba-isii; the new government reserved area at Aba. Hermes-Juno Projects Limited is expected to also deploy their wealth of experience in attaining the housing needs of the state. This follows from the state government expediency in signing similar Memorandum of Understanding with the firm with the hope that additional housing units in excess of 500 will be constructed in Umuahia to help in addressing the housing challenge of the state. I will gladly acknowledge the lead of Abia State government in their genuine desire to saturate the state with investing blue chip Company’s. “Practice what you preach” as variously said is playing out in Abia State.
Against the back-drop of several grand-standing and pretentious investment company’s, who sweet tongued the government of Abia State into parting with counter part funds for the actualization of Ubani Modern Market, the state courageous and bullishly went solo on that expectation. The rate at which over 4000 shops sprouted like Mush-rooms, reminds me of the saying: “where there is a will, there is a way”.
Abia State governments under the executive stewardship of Chief T.A. Orji have had to ride on that vista to commence the construction of Abia State Industrial Market Umudike.
The industrial market is by all standards a success story given the rapidity with which work is nearing completion and the fact that interested traders and shop owners have been detailed to make payments, preparatory to governments’ official inauguration of the industrial market.
The interesting update on what we know about Geometric Power huge investment in Osisioma is that Power will be evacuated before the expiration of 2012. In my estimation, the Geometric Synergy is an ambitious but praise-worthy Venture poised to holistically deal with the Perennial Power Problem in Aba.
The Geometric Power station will diminish all the irrelevancies associated with Aba and before we blink an eyelid, the independent Power Station at Osisioma will increase the ecstasy and illuminate the city, which has been groping in the darkness of federal epileptic power supply. Government will ride on that mileage, to mobilize a rather scarce resource for a comprehensive onslaught on drainage and flood control. The next to nothing financial position of the state has compelled her to strictly priorities and having zeroed on drainage control and demolition of illegal structures in Aba, the air of investment in the state will get cozier.
What I have considered the most ambitious desire in Abia State housing need, is the official endorsement extended to Spyda and Kyte Nigeria Limited for the construction of 6000 Housing Units in the state capital. This ambition, if driven beyond paper work and wishful thinking will hugely complement the housing vision of Abia State. I enjoined investors currently feasting on the hospitality of Abia State government to refrain from wanting to grandstand and or hood wink the state investment gatekeepers into accepting what they are not.
Let us be partners in progress for the institution of mutually beneficial business relationships and the promotion of egalitarian and socio-economic virile Abia.
Iyke Ogbonnaya,
A current affairs analyst wrote in from Umuahia.