Abia State House of Assembly directs the suspension corrupt Arochukwu L.G.A Accounting Officer

Abia State House of Assembly has directed the suspension of Mr. Azuka Ogubuike who padded the December 2012 salary of Arochukwu Local-Government Area Council to the tune of eleven million, seven hundred and sixty seven naira forty eight kobo (N11, 717.167.48) from office for six(6) months with immediate effect and the subsequent transfer to the Local Government Service Commission for close monitoring at the expiration of the suspension order.

This formed part of the Resolution of the House on the Report of the ad-hoc Committee on the alleged inflation of the salary wage bill of Arochukwu L.G.A set up by the House following the receipt of a letter from the Chief of Staff to the Governor and the chairman of the investigative Committee on the implementation of the Biometric system in the 17 Local Government Councils of Abia State dated 18th February, 2013 and captioned “Towards Complete Eradication of Pay Roll Salary Fraud in Local Governments of Abia State”. The Ad-hoc Committee was chaired by the Leader, Hon. Chidiebere Nwoke with 7 other members.

Furthermore, the resolution directed that Mr. Azuka Ogubuike be withdrawn from acting as an Accounting Officer or it’s like from the Local Government Service system at the expiration of his suspension order.

Also included in the resolution are; that the Internal Auditor, Mr. Eluwa Innocent E. who acted as the Treasurer of the Council as at December, 2012 and Mrs. Nma Ogbuamu, the Accounts Production Officer, be suspended for three (3) months each for negligence of duty, as well as be transferred to the Local Government Service Commission at the expiration of their suspension order.

That the T.C. Chairman should use her good offices to cause any staff that is owed to be paid immediately.