Abia State Government cautions the Sun Newspapers and the Nation over misleading and malicious story

The Abia State Government views with utter dismay the spread of malicious lies by two Aba based correspondence of NATION.and SUN newspapers over purported EBOLA scare and death in ISIALA NGWA south Abia State.
This story is the very definition of barefaced lies, handiwork of mischief makers and concorted to create panic amongst Abians.
It is unfortunate that at a time the nation is promoting the use.of valid data, research and statistics to tackle challenges especially those that are health related, custodians of news are trading in lies and non verifiable stories.
Contrary to what NATION and SUN newspapers want the public to believe, as at time of this release no case of EBOLA could be verified either in ISIALA NGWA or anyother location in Abia State. The story of a woman whose identity cannot be ascertained that died of suspected EBOLA virus at Ndiolumbe ISIALA NGWA is possibly the figment of the imagination of those who are peddling the rumor.
Again, it is sad that these mischief makers could claim the State health commissioner could not be reached for comments. This is absurd, wicked and unfair. The State Health Commissioner and indeed his colleagues have been working round the clock as part of the State’s commitment to checkmating the spread  the disease from entering the State. As at the same FRIDAY reported in the papers, the STATE had unveiled five centres designated as QUARANTINE in different areas of the STATE.
The general public especially Abia residents are please advised to disregard the stories in Nation and SUN as there is no case of EBOLA in Abia.
Cosmos Ndukwe
Chief of Staff to
Executive Governor, Abia State