Abia State Emergency Medical Services to be launched soon

Nigeria’s Minister of Health, Professor Folurunsho Isaac Adewole, will at 11am this morning launch the Abia State Emergency Medical Services alongside the State Commissioner for Health Dr John Ahukanna at the E-Library complex Umuahia.
The State’s Emergency Medical Service (EMS) is designed to pick up patients from all over the state, administer life saving treatment and evacuate to hospitals in the state. It is to be contrasted with the already existing ASPIMSS Ambulance services which are focused on evacuation of accident victims to the hospital by the fact that the EMS vehicles are equipped to perform other medical interventions before getting to the hospital as well as manage other medical situations outside road accidents.
Dr Chukwuemeka Nwakanma (US trained practitioner) is the coordinator of the EMS project with Dr Kalu Steven Akpalaeji and other medical professionals assisting him.
Service will be available via phone call to 717 (all networks) with a modern 247 call Centre available at the E-Library Complex.
Excerpt from John Okiyi Kalu