Abia state government insists on probe to former governor Orji Uzor Kalu

Abia State Government says there is no going back on the planned probe of former Governor of Abia State Orji Uzor Kalu.
In a press statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Ugochukwu Emezue government says that one of the areas that the probe will focus is on the activities of the former Governor as far as the Abia State Infrastructural Fund is concerned, as money is believed to have been mismanaged.
Mr. Emezue maintained that the probe which has been welcomed by Abians, will help in ascertaining the level of corruption during the eight years of the ex governor. Commenting on the claims by Kalu that Chief  T. A. Orji has properties in Abuja and other cities, the Chief Press Secretary challenged him to substantiate his claims by publishing documents relating to such properties.
Mr. Emezue said that rather than explain to Nigerians how he suddenly acquired his multi-billion naira mansions in Potomac which is on sale, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, and the acquisition of Slok airlines, banks and other businesses that are barely paying staff salaries, which he acquired while in office, Kalu is busy playing to the gallery with his deceitful Igbo Presidency agenda in 2015. He stated that Kalu will soon be exposed.

Mr. Emezue insisted that the huge debt Kalu left in Abia has remained a sour point in his existence, little wonder he is always angry when this issue is raised. He stated that this sour point will continue to haunt him.

The Chief Press Secretary insisted that Kalu who is seeking relevance, having lost out of the power equation in the State, has the penchant of leveling unsubstantiated allegations against those he considers as threats to him as he did to Ohakim, Anenih and Obasanjo. Emezue stated that it is on record that Kalu and his mother after such media allegations when they were in charge of the state, went to beg Anenih and Obasanjo, hence he should not be taken seriously, since everything about him is “gamji”.
Kalu, the Abia state spokesman hinted is envious of the excellent relationship between the Governor and his aides which is based on mutual respect, and not mutual “Okijaism” which he used to dehumanize those that worked with him.
The Governor Mr. Emezue said is not a business man and has not travelled to Asian countries for any business, as being insinuated by Kalu.
Mr. Emezue stated that Kalu will not be dignified with further response, until the mother Eunice, who in actual fact ruled Abia, comes out from her hiding to speak.