Abia Catholic Knights Absolve Church from Campaign Against Appeal Court

Press Release
November 30, 2015
The Knights of St. Mulumba of the Umuahia Catholic Church have distanced themselves from the position of a group that calls itself Catholic Network of Nigeria (CNN) requesting for the removal of the Owerri Appeal Court judges due to lack of confidence on them.
Reacting to the media campaign in which the protesting group  is calling for a change of the Appeal Court judges, the Liaison Grand knight of Umuahia, Sir Nwanevu Christopher said the Catholic Church is not a partisan group and does not support partisan politics or the aspiration of a political party.
According to him, what the Catholic Church does is to advise politicians to play by the rule just as it did before the last elections by inviting candidates of various political parties  to say what they intend to do for the people.
To that end, he said that the Catholic Church has nothing to do with the decisions of the court and does not set up groups to interfere in such matters, adding that the catholic church has no right to direct the actions of judges of a court.
He made it clear that the said group is not known or directed by the church to embark on such protest, stressing that the catholic church cannot support the protest or be part of the campaign of calumny.
Sir Nwanevu stated that no Catholic bishop or church member will support the ugly act, maintaining that the Catholic Church will react to the development.
Reacting to the issue, the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Godwin Adindu said investigations reveal that the group is a contraption by desperate politicians of the opposition All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) to drag the church into unnecessary politics.  According to him, the aim of the group is to use the name of the church to settle political scores, something he said is ungodly.
He said that the Catholic Church is a non–partisan organization that stands for social justice, good governance and the progress of the society, adding that the Catholic Church respects the rule of law and as a responsible institution it cannot be instigated into denigrating the sanctity of the judiciary.
The  Abia State Government therefore called on the Catholic institution in the State and country to rise in condemnation of the ill- conceived attempt by some infinitesimal group in Bende Community to drag its name to the mud.
The government also called on all institutions of Knights of the Catholic Church and other constituted authorities, the Council of Bishops of the Church to stand up and defend the sacred institution of God, and urge the Chief Justice of Nigeria, the Appeal court and the entire judiciary to ignore the ranting of the faceless group.