The Commissioner for Information and Strategy; Chief Don Ubani, has applauded the State House of Assembly for her timely legislative response to the national question on removal of fuel subsidy. Chief Ubani made this remarks in a statement circulated inUmuahia. According to the Commissioner, it has always been the responsibility of any credible leadership to chart a lasting course for its people, no matter how painful such decisions may initially subject the citizens to.
Chief Ubani recalled with a sense of joy the bold step Federal Government under the President Obasanjo took by liberalizing the telecommunication Industry which today stands as the biggest revolution in Nigeria economic history.
Chief Ubani observed that by giving a timely legislative support to President Goodluck Jonathan’s quest to remove fuel subsidy, the Abia State House of Assembly has effectively shown that leadership should be capable of rising above sentiments that have no economic basis.
Chief Ubani expressed unquantifiable respect for the House over her insistence that in removing the subsidy on fuel, the Federal Government should state in very concrete terms what benefit will be accruable to the masses.